Thursday, June 23


I cant find someone to talk to right now.
its been so long since i write in this blog.
i dont want people close to me to find out
that i have this virtual pad to write all my ramblings,
feelings, craziness, and everything that i cant express

i feel lost.
i feel empty
i feel lonely

all i want to do is to burst into tears...

Saturday, October 18


im so back to writing again..yeheyyy

im gonna start with this first photo...
i just have to post this then...

Friday, April 25


how old is she?
she's not married
she's getting older?
why cant she find someone to marry her?
they'll be like their aunts...old maid!

i cant exactly say that those are the the words i overheard
but i know its me they're talking.
the nerve of these man talking about those things.

it really angers me to hear those trash talks about someone they didnt even know
who are they to talk about that. they dont even know the whole story.

on top of that spreading a rumor that is really absurd!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29


See  this image of Zooey shows what i feel right now. I'm really getting tired of all this crap that is happening to me, to us right now. I know its been so long  since im rambling about this feeling of mine. The feeling of being depress over things that  i couldn't get or things that i'm lacking. Things that really making me upset right now is...(drum roll please) WORK. I wanted to seek other job that could really make me feel prouder or something that i can boast off to relatives. When I stumble upon the facebook of a relative I saw her showing off from her pics. Yeah come one, so what If i'm not like that, so what if..........what the hell.. But the truth is, i envy her.. Because that's something i really want for myself.

Friday, May 4


I chance upon to this movie while browsing something, 
the title catches my attention, FABULOUS 30, a Thai movie
im not there..yet
i dont know but lately i've been digging noona-dongsaeng relationship..
i feel like younger guys now are more responsible than those of  older men..
well in the movie, though.

so i downloaded this movie but to my dismay, there's no english subtitle.
i so wanted to watch this movie *waaahahh* "-"


"Every morning, I will kiss you.  For revenge.
I'll follow you everyday like a stalker.
I'll buy you everything you want.
I absolutely won't have an affair.
I will just protect you.
In the future, I absolutely won't let you cry.  Not even a drop.
I want you to be the happiest queen in the world.
Until I die, I'll love only you.
For revenge." 

*me shivers* such a cheezy proposal, but coming from Lee Seung Gi, 
it feels like its the most romantic proposal i've ever heard in my life..
seems like Jerry Mcguire Korean version..keke
you know that a girl like me would fall to this cheezy proposal.

Thursday, April 26


had a headache last night.. i feel nauseous.
so i sleep early...
i hadnt watch any kdrama :(

and now i feel like sulking.
i know im not the ideal g.
im not suppose to demand or to expect
that he will come to me and make my dreams come true.
but why do i have this illusions of him..
i keep comparing myself to mya, i know, i know
i cant help it, i feel like she's more fortunate that i am
eventhough she's living in the ways of this world.
things are not going in my way, eversince

so i need a good ol' drama that would make me cry out loud
so i can vent my frustrations and all the things i've been keeping

yeah, im just soo good of keeping a secret to myself...

Wednesday, April 25


inspired to write something to you. i dont know why..
i read from Gerald's POV.. 
"never look for god face, it will turn old one day,
never look for a good skin, it will wrinkle one day,
never look for a hot body, it will change one day,
never look for a nice hair, it will turn white one day,
but look for a loyal
that will love you EVERYDAY."

If you pray hard to our Lord Jesus Christ
He will give you that person
who will love you truly..
just as you want to be loved.TRUE..

oh shoot.. i forgot im not asking Him to give me that  kind of guy.
because i believe that i wouldn't find someone that fits for me.
i'll end up alone because there are some things that has to be consider.
i know im being pessimistic now but what can i do that's how i feel.
watching too many dramas may lead to this kind of thinking
being ideal to what LOVE is all about,
RELATIONSHIP that you want to build.
lucky are those who find their partner that would make their lives fulfilling.

my horoscope says that i love the idea of being in love and that
i love the concept about love
its just that i havent got to experience it and will never 
because those things to consider are secrets that can never be told....
kekekeke..there goes again me being melodramatic..

Friday, April 20


me getting a namja is not that easy!
you cant just shop a namja in the store to be your nampyeon...
you should consider his status, many things to consider like his
work, family background, religious beliefs, etc.
and if he likes you! that's the most important!
more, having a family is a big responsibility and am not ready for that.
to age like this, i know its hard but
it doesn't mean that im lonely if im single,

 if only "kyeoron" is like choosing a dress in a closet
if it fits, then buy it...
people ask when will i settle down..why cant i find a namja?
hello!? am i some sort of fisherman to go fishing in the ocean?
the hell you care, its my life so what if i end up old maid  for the rest of my life! so waaaaaahat!